Action Plan to Strengthen Conservation and Use of PGRFA M. Ramirez, Regional Director, Americas Office June 16-20, 2014

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Action Plan to Strengthen Conservation and Use of PGRFA M. Ramirez, Regional Director, Americas Office June 16-20, 2014

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Severe climatic events: Mesoamerica is highly vulnerable to climate change Interdependence: adaptation of agriculture to new climates will need materials found beyond national frontiers Opportunities: native PGRFA represent present and future options for access to adapted seeds; within framework of the International Treaty

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What is the SAPM? A roadmap to strengthen the conservation and use of native plant genetic resources of Mesoamerica strategic for the adaptation of agriculture to climate change. Focused on 10 Mesoamerican crops important for local and global food security, with potential to generate income. Developed through a systematic analysis of relevant information + broad consultation with regional stakeholders resulting in the identification of a key set of activities (87) to be implemented in the next decade.

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Diagnostic assessment and Gap analysis Climate Change

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Focus genepools Baseline study focused on 10 genepools considered representative for agriculture in Mesoamerica: 26 crop species and >350 CWR Zea, Phaseolus, Manihot, Ipomoea, Cucurbita, Amaranthus, Capsicum, Carica, Persea, Tripsacum Section based on: Crop types: grains, tubers, horticultural, trees, fodder Treaty annex and non-annex Regional priority crops Important for food security, diets and income generation

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Participatory and consultative process 144 farmers 17 national genebanks (>70% of all known) 3 meetings: >100 representatives of >40 institutions

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Six thematic components

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Some outcomes

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Political engagement: adopted by Ministers of Agriculture through Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA): plan to guide activities + political follow-up Several single and multi-country initiatives inside and outside Latin America reform national seed legislation of Guatemala, collection missions to fill gaps national committee on PGRFA of Honduras use as roadmap Countries in Asia, Africa and South-America, FAO commision PGRFA: use plan as guide International Treaty: priority funding for activities implementing plan

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