Race for Supply Chain 2020 Webinar November 13, 2014

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Race for Supply Chain 2020 Webinar November 13, 2014 Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIwebinar

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Our Panel Marty Kisliuk, Global Operations Director at FMC Chris Clowes, Supply Chain Manager at Costa Enterprises Lora Cecere, CEO of Supply Chain Insights Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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1970-1980: Definition of MRP and DRP. Power of Computing. 1980-1990: Definition of Supply Chain Planning. Rise of Client Server Technology. 1990-2000: Race for Y2K. Rapid Advances in Connectivity. 2000-2010: Dawn of eCommerce and B2b Networks. Race for the Global Supply Chain. 2010-2020: Digital Business. A Look Back…. Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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Current State Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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Today’s Supply Chain is Traditional, Tactical and Cautious Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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The Supply Chain of the Future World Population Source: “The World at Six Billion” United Nations, 2004; The World UN Population Assessment 2006; “Unsustainable World,” 04/15/08, BBC MARCO TRENDS Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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The Move to Digital Business Telematics Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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Marty Kisliuk Webinar – Supply Chain Insights November 13, 2014 Race For Supply Chain 2020

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9 FMC Corporation is a leading global specialty chemical company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. The company employs 5,600 people throughout the world. Revenue in 2013 was $3.9 billion. Revenue: $3,875 | EBIT: $754 | EBIT Margin: 19.5% FMC Health and Nutrition FMC Minerals FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue: $2,146 EBIT: $539 EBIT Margin: 25.1% Revenue: $762 EBIT: $170 EBIT Margin: 22.3% Revenue: $970 EBIT: $128 EBIT Margin: 13.2% Ending December 31, 2013 ($ millions) FMC Agricultural Solutions is an agile global organization focused on crop protection and professional pest management through customer intimacy, competitive sourcing and aggregating technologies. largest global producer of chemical crop protection and structural pest control products develops, manufactures and sells Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides and Biologicals. ~2,000 employed globally

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Ag Global Operations Vision We are a well-tuned agile network, attuned to market dynamics, driven by value creation for customers and stakeholders that delivers the highest quality products to customers.

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What Is Important #1 - The health and safety of employees, communities and environment Value creation Our Strategy Demand and Market Dynamics Our Networks Operational Excellence 11

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Trends To Pay Attention To . . . The next level of data access, computing capability and analytics Networks Techniques to sense demand and market dynamics 12

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Chris Clowes, Supply Chain Manager, Costa Enterprises chrisclowes@coffeenation.com Costa Express Brews up Supply Chain Change

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Costa Express Business Model

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Technology Implementation

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Costa Express Vision 2020 A digital platform for customers, partners, distributors & suppliers Drive better interaction and efficiency Foundation portal to empower different user groups and built next generation services Unlocking the power of data Real time and intraday information fundamental to the backbone Exploit operating metrics servicing data, sales and prognostic information Enhanced end consumer experience Improved telemetry and digital platform open up new possibilities for end customers Combine top down consumer and bottom up business approaches

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Today’s Supply Chain Pain: Supply Chain Visibility & Demand/Supply Volatility Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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A Business Continuity Risk #sciwebinar

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Top Challenges: Shorter Lifecycles/Pipelines and Safety/Security Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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How do companies get ready? What are the biggest barriers? Enablers? Summary Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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Metrics That Matter Metrics That Matter: Publishes December 2014 http://tinyurl.com/metricsthatmatter Pre-orders available on Amazon: Follow the Dialogue on Twitter with #SCIWebinar

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Countdown for Next Year’s Event www.supplychaininsights.com Global Summit September 8th-10th, 2015

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About Lora Cecere Founder of Supply Chain Insights Invited to be a “LinkedIn Influencer” Invited to write a guest blog for Forbes Author of 2 books: Bricks Matter (2012) and Metrics That Matter (to publish Fall of 2014) Partner at Altimeter Group (leader in open research) 7 years of Management Experience leading Analyst Teams at Gartner and AMR Research 8 years Experience in Marketing and Selling Supply Chain Software at Descartes Systems Group and Manugistics (now JDA) 15 Years Leading teams in Manufacturing and Distribution operations for Clorox, Kraft/General Foods, Nestle/Dreyers Grand Ice Cream and Procter & Gamble. Contact Information: Email: lora.cecere@supplychaininsights.com Blog: www.supplychainshaman.com (6000 pageviews/month) Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/search/?q=lora+cecere Twitter: lcecere (4800 followers) LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/lora-cecere/0/196/573 (7000 in the network) #sciwebinar