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HOW TO BUILD Dave Kerpen CEO, Likeable Local Cofounder & Chairman, Likeable Media $5 MILLION (AGENCY) BUSINESS

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1. Find Trustworthy Partners

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2. Create a strategy & focus

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3. Say no to what’s off focus

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4. Find Peer Support

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5. Form a board of advisors

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6. Hire Slow. Fire Fast.

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7. Build great values and culture

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8. Build your brand

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9. Ask for referrals

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10. It’s the people, stupid

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Increased visibility and referrals Education and training Credibility White-labeling available 20% commission on all revenue Featured listings on LikeableLocal.com LinkedIn and INC.com to 500K followers Benefits for YOU

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Stay top of mind with current customers Build, engage and grow social media channels Increase word of mouth referrals GROW their business Benefits for your clients

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CONTACT Dave Kerpen EMAIL Dave@likeable.com TWITTER @davekerpen PHONE 212-359-4355 QUESTIONS? LikeableConsultant.com THANK YOU / GRAND PRIZE QUESTIONS? Learn about the partner program at LikeableConsultant.com and LikeableDemo.com to learn more about our SMB solution