Computer Science

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America’s Untapped Opportunity Computer Science

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The Job/Student Gap Sources: College Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Science Foundation

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1,000,000 Unfilled Jobs by 2020 Sources: BLS, NSF, Bay Area Council Economic Institute 400,000 computer science graduates 1,000,000 unfilled programming jobs $500 billion opportunity

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Fewer CS majors than 10 years ago (and a shrinking % are women) Sources: National Science Foundation

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Sources: College Board Exposure to CS leads to the best-paying jobs in the world. But AP CS is only available in 5% of high schools Only 15% of this tiny box are girls. 8% are African Americans, or Hispanics. 2012 High School A.P. Enrollment

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Technology affects every field

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67% of software jobs are outside the tech industry – in banking, retail, government, entertainment, etc We need ALL our children prepared for the 21st century This isn’t just about tech companies “Knowledge of computer programming is as important as knowledge of anatomy when it comes to medical research or clinical care” Larry Corey, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Source: Dancing with Robots - Human Skills for Computerized Work, Levy and Murnane, 2013 A growing need for problem-solving skills, across all jobs

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Our Vision: every school every student opportunity

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