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Jerry D’Antonio @jerrydantonio github.com/jdantonio What I’ve Learned

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Yes, you can be passionate about programming. Follow Your Passion

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There is value in experience. Learn By Doing

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Trust your team, value your team, listen to your team, lead your team. Good leaders take care of their people and take responsibility. Good Leaders Make Decisions

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The best teams maximize the potential of each member, every member of the team is equally valuable. Work Toward Your Potential

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There are two things in my life I will never regret: joining the Navy and getting out. Recognize The Good In All You Do

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If it’s important to you then do it. “Better late than never” is both powerful and real. It’s Never Too Late To Start

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Where do you see yourself in a year? Three years? Five years? Make the decisions that will get you there. Know Where You Want To Go

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When someone isn’t getting the job done there is a reason. Find the reason and address the real problem. No One Wants To Do Bad Work

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It’s great to take pride in your work but don’t confuse your work with your own self-worth. You Are Not Your Code

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Passion for your work is no substitute for love. Your Job Is Not Your Life

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Teams are made of individuals and each individual is important, but teams succeed and fail as a whole. Good teams stand together

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Understanding why things went wrong is important, but fixing the problem is what really matters. Offer Solutions, Not Excuses

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Leave things better than you found them. Failures Are Also Opportunities

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Good leaders get credit for high performance teams, they don’t need to take credit for individual achievements. My Team Gets Credit, I Get Blame

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Being good at something and being happy at it are two very different things. Be True To Yourself

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They won’t say “Yes” if you don’t ask. Take Risks

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None of us have a monopoly on intelligence, cleverness, creativity, or innovation. Celebrate diversity. Sometimes The Best Idea Isn’t Yours

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Than to be mediocre and Plan A. It’s Better To Excel At Plan B

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Love your life, love your family, love your job, love yourself. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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…the code …the tech …the problem …the solution This Job Is Not About:

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Jerry D’Antonio @jerrydantonio github.com/jdantonio It’s About The People