Startup/Digital Marketing 2.0: Growth Hacking Thru UX

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Contents of this slide are solely based on my personal learning experience and observation. I might be wrong! Let’s talk! When One Shares, Everyone Wins sa@netizentesting.com @ChiewSA

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Building a product is only HALF OF THE BATTLE When it comes to the business of technology, it’s not only about product development and research, making the product available to as many (right) people matters. PRODUCT + MARKETING = GROWTH

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What if I don’t have to care? I already have lots of customers/conversions. It’s not up to you. Those who care (usually a lot!) will be more than happy to steal your customers/business

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Before we move on.. You should know a little about the followings: • Internet/Digital Marketing • UX (User Experience) • Growth Hacking Fear not, we’ll cover a bit..

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Traditional vs Digital Marketing The marketing 4 Ps still exist.. Product Price Promotion Place (Distribution) The ‘exciting’ part of Digital Marketing

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DIGITAL MARKETING is not only about Social Media & Search I will focus more on Social Media & Search Marketing since most people are familiar with it (unless you don’t use social networking and search engine).

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THE PROBLEM & OPPORTUNITIES Digital Marketing allows you to track (almost) everything.. “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” -- John Wanamaker

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If you’re new to UX Feel free to view this slide that I prepared earlier bit.ly/newbieUX

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A typical UX design process involves.. There are many step-by-step processes proposed by different practitioners, It typically starts with Research -> Analysis ->Design -> Test -> Iterate

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So, what is Growth Hacking? There are many different definitions out there. Let’s not spend too much time discussing here. Wikipedia: Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure Growth hackers focus on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing. Startups usually struggle with limited resources (money, time, experience) to achieve growth, so they take innovative approaches using least resources to achieve massive growth. Non-technical guys need some technical loves too. So, marketers in the new age are now growth ‘hackers’

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‘Hacking’? But, I have no technical skillset.. It’s good to have technical skills, but most importantly is the willingness to experiment (the entrepreneurial way) You don’t want to bug your tech guy all the time just because you wanna tweak some minor changes on your content. Don’t be surprised that many great developers know least about SEO stuff (e.g. 301 redirect, Canonical URL Tag) SEO = Search Engine Optimization If you enjoy analytical thinking, you might be a great growth hacker!

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One of my favourite advocates for ‘Growth Hacking thru UX’ • • • • • • Marissa Mayer, CEO of YAHOO! prev. VP of Search Products & UX, Google Obsessed with metrics and data Obsessed with User Experience Make data-driven design decisions Empathize users to deliver great experience See YAHOO! as largest startup in the world Startup shopping queen

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Your Daily Habits. One Similarity. They all have dedicated Data/UX/Growth Team *usually very large team There are many reasons why you expose to them and still using them..

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Why Growth Hacking Thru UX Matters

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The WEB is getting more & more PERSONALIZED Opportunities for marketers on target marketing

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You might not aware.. But you experience ‘growth hacking’, being experimented or targeted everyday! Facebook: Youtube: It is less likely a coincidence that a H&M Advertisement shown beside while you’re reading Uniqlo email newsletter.

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You’re targeted! I’m hunting you! I browsed some items on e-commerce sites, and they’re now e v e r y w h e r e Other websites that I visit later: Facebook: I’m not hinting you that you must spend money on advertisement (or re-marketing), these are just examples that you’ve experienced

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If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold.

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Many people gave up on digital marketing (included me), and blame the platforms for being ineffective

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When you don’t optimize.. Seriously this advertisement made me hungry! But, the 7-11 in Malaysia doesn’t serve this. Wrong target, 7-11 Taiwan! While Jeremy Lin is HOT in Taiwan.. There are many Singaporeans and Malaysians that read Chinese too. LUCKILLY they didn’t show ‘pork’ advertisement to Muslim audience.

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When you don’t optimize.. Awesome! I wanna join, but... how???? People like the idea of contest, but why stop them from joining..

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Hundreds of people did the wrong way by commenting to ‘submit entries’. Even the terms and condition on the site did not clearly state out the details. Marketing budget spent on contest advertising. Opportunities to gain greater exposure wasted. Hopefully customer relationship is not affected.

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When you don’t even care.. I saw another identical ad(with broken link) gained more than 50 likes. Should you use Likes to measure your performance? 1,000,000 likes, so? The same link with the same problem was there for weeks, without any action taken.

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GROWTH HACKING in my eyes IT IS A PROCESS.. Process of.. Experimenting, analysing and iterating.. Put it simply.. Three steps: 1. Do something, Test something (Trackable) 2. Analyse test results (Measure) 3. Improve, optimize, do better.. (Iterate) Your Growth/Conversion Goal can be: traffic, subscriptions, e-commerce etc. what is not measured cannot be improved

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Most people only track these.. How much traffic I get? How many convert? Traffic Acquisition Users Activation How much I earn? Revenue

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What if we focus on these questions Why spend money or efforts to push traffic to your site when conversion rate is low? Can I get more people to convert to be users? Traffic Acquisition Users Activation Can I increase more revenue? Revenue Then only you spend money/time on the previous stage! Wait.. What if.. We track beyond these three metrics? 

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AARRR! Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue Product Marketing for Pirates: AARRR! (aka Startup Metrics for Internet Marketing & Product Management) by Dave Mcclure http://500hats.typepad.com/500blogs/2007/06/internet-market.html

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This explains all..

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Overview: AARRR Get People visit your sites How they find you? People sign up Do they have great first onboarding experience? Acquisition Activation Referral People be more active How to ensure they return? Monetize How you make money? Retention People recommend more people How to get them refer more people to you? Revenue Basic Requirement: Everything (that matters) must be measurable Another Name: Lean Marketing Funnel

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Now.. Improve the ‘loops’ Can I grab more people to visit my site? Can I get more people to convert to be users? Can I improve user engagement? Can I increase more revenue conversion? Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Opportunities to improve each stage through providing the right user experience!!

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Let’s see some good examples.. Best Practices

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Oh Wait.. There is no silver bullet No One-Size-Fit-It-All solutions EVERY BUSINESS IS DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE. The examples shown are to poke your thoughts on the potential tactics that you can apply on your own

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CQUISITION Hey you! Yeah you! Check this out!

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YOUR CONTENTS • Contents do not resemble only blog contents, but your landing page, pictures, infographic, social media posting, email and more. • Conduct Content Analysis to determine which one performs better and align with your business goal. Content A 1000 Clicked on it 10 Converted 1 Paid (USD 70) Content B VS 20 Clicked on it 2 Converted 1 Paid (USD 90) WHICH ONE IS BETTER? You can also include money or time spent to generate content. Content Analysis (or A/B Testing) can be applied in many places. Eg. How many people received your email, clicked on the link in the email and how many convert on your site.

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Follow the trend.. When everyone was discussing about this movie in the internet. We created a recruitment post with the caption ‘Test.Earn.Repeat’ , it had significantly high CTR compared to other Ads created. Is it good? Not really, we did not achieve our goal. We got high CTR but none converted as user (testers). Test. Earn. Repeat Some other ads that received lower CTR but brought in conversions. You need to know what is your main goal, so that you can measure and learn what works best for you! CTR* = Click Through Rate. People that saw it and clicked on it to check it out.

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Quick Tips Not only you can track the performance of contents but also the effectiveness in terms of cost and target placement. If you’re using advertisement (sponsored posts). You are usually given options to choose your payment method. You can ‘try’ to see which one is most effective for you (higher conversion or lower cost). Then you may invest more in a specific option. Eg. I can choose to pay USD 3.51 per click or USD 2 per 1000 impression (fixed). For placement, you may gain insights like which market/demographic love your products (or content), then you can further make adjustment to target (localization).

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Trend. Creativity. Appealing Ad! Ad that appeared during first day of 2015 Remember Facebook’s ‘Year In Review’ feature? Sometimes, you don’t have to copy, it’s okay to ‘steal’ creativity.

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Find the difference Direct sales statement. I randomly selected two ads that appeared on my FB newsfeed. Provide useful fact and incentive to click.

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SEARCH MARKETING: SEO or Adword Adword SERP (Search Engine Result Page) SEO

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SEO or Adword • SEO: ‘FREE’, but it takes time.. • Adwords: Quick, but it takes money.. Effectiveness is subject to your business objective: SEO is good for ‘fullfillment’ (people already know what they want, they searched for it. Adwords can be good for creating ‘demand’. (People searched for children toys, then you may sell them other children related stuff) Of course, you don’t even have choose between these two, since there are more options available out there.

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SEO is all about Keywords? Your Argument is Invalid.. Google Says.. • “BUILD FOR YOUR USERS.. NOT SEO..” Google is getting smarter and smarter.. Old tricks like keyword stuffing not longer works (well)..

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• Do not focus on building content for SEO Changing over time. Google is getting more ‘human’, so should you.. OH wait, Facebook is getting smarter too. Tricks that worked might not work soon.. (eg. ‘Like & Share’/ Comment or Share ) http://moz.com/search-ranking-factors

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Of course, you can optimize it.. Even Google suggested that, so that they can recognize your content better! PROVIDE USEFUL CONTENT.. Although Google is getting smarter to eliminate ‘SEO tricks’. Few things remained constant.. • • Keyword (not stuffing) Editorial Vote (not number of links but providing Useful Content) Make sure your Content has good UX too. Make sure your content optimized with relevant keywords, but do not omit Bounce rate might not hurt your SEO, but it doesn’t improve SEO either! High Bounce Rate = People don’t find it useful/helpful.. Or the title is misleading! If you provide useful content that provides value to users, they spend more time (SEO+1), share it (SEO+1), thus increase chance of getting your site linked. Undoubtedly.. URL domain is strong and hard to fight, find your own niche.. Don’t think SEO, think CONTENT STRATEGY.. You’re not alone, there are many people working on SEO too..

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Social Media Sharing (SEO) • TIP: When crafting your contents (allow them to share easily). Remember, people are likely to share ‘stuff’ (content) that make them feel great by sharing it “I know this cool and useful stuff first among my community!”

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CTIVATION You’ve gotta try this out!

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Quick Tips • You must ensure there is a smooth transition between Acquisition and Activation Search/Impression/Direct -> Landing Page

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Different Landing Pages For different users Regular visitors Direct Search First time visitors Redirect from Google Ad

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Different Landing Pages For different time/occasion Weekday Redirect from Google Ad Weekend Redirect from Google Ad

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Do Nothing, but sign up and I will give you something

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Hassle-free sign up Get only the details that you need at the specific touch point

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Our own mistake We thought it was kinda cool to put the ‘play’ button across all the devices. Visitors thought it was a picture and didn’t click on it the view the video. We did something unccersary to lose conversion.

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Don’t waste an 404 error landing page

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Opps?! No problem, you can still do so many things here!

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etention Hey you, don’t leave.. Be more active here!

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Pinterest makes sure I notice that more of my FB friends are now here. They emailed me all the time!

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Newsletter Subscription (Targeted)

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The Secret Greater opportunities to for target marketing.

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When you log out, we log you in.. Twitter prompt you to download their mobile apps when you logged out from their desktop site.

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Email If your email has low CTR or HIGH UNSUBSCRIBE RATE. You should revise the way you send/write email.

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CEO/Founder Email

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efferal Aren’t you good to intro us to your friend?

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Social Sharing (Email)

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‘Join the Club’Invitation This can be the ‘activation’ stage for recipient too

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Provide incentives! we give you free stuff if you promote us!

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You’re just TOO SMART! Don’t cha! • You get reward • Your friends get reward • Dropbox gets more users! The ‘feel’ good way!

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Word of mouth.. People share things that made them they feel great when sharing with others Work on this.. For your ‘referral’ plan. I’m among the first to know about this (blog content), I’m gonna share it out ! If I share this, I get something and my friend get something too!

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evenue Ka-Ching!

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Out of stock or Add to Cart?

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Our own mistake Clients were unable to make payment because they missed our payment button!

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Quick Tips Conduct user testing using the right way with right tester. You will be able to see how people use/understand your product differently from you. Sometimes, you can use guerrilla test (users in the wild) too, mainly because they usually have one common trait: ‘they don’t know you and your product’ You may still test with your friends (not encouraged though), but you must not test with someone who is familiar with what you’re doing (your team)

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Don’t ignore the external force • Sometimes, external factors (trends, events, seasons) can be the reasons why your content or your product has low conversion/adoption. • E.g.. You can’t blame the an Airline website design to have lower conversion when it experienced air crash accident in recent time • E.g.. Aiming for higher sales of sun lotion during winter season.

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In God We Trust, all others must bring --William Edwards Deming

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Everything (that matters) must be track-able • You need data/metrics. Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare now provide free analytics too. There are many free tools! P.S. You don’t have to track everything. More to come!

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Quick Tips If you’re new to Google Analytics (or afraid of the steep learning curve). Start with paying attention to ‘A.B.C’. how (where) people visit to your site How they behave (navigate) on your site Do they convert? A Conversion Goal does not necessarily involve monetary value, but sign up, subscription or time spent. Google Analytics is free and useful, the only problem is they don’t tell you ‘WHY’ things happened in such ways, that’s why you need to develop hypothesis and experiment it. (E.g. UX Testing, A/B Testing etc)

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Make sure you’re tracking using the right ways Common Mistake • We’ve seen some startups using ‘campaign tracking code’ (URL Builder) to track their site events. Do not simply judge one/startup if they did something silly/wrong (landing page, social media post etc.). You might be just part of the experiment. After all, those who experiment shall be rewarded. I might be wrong too!

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AGAIN.. Its not only about social media and search, but many many more.. Observe how competitors/similar business/big players achieve growth. Find your own way. HACK IT OUT! CLASSIC EXAMPLE: AIRBNB -> Craiglist DROPBOX -> sharing incentive Next Slide Slide 68 Lesson? You don’t have to VIE directly, VIA works perfectly fine too!

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FIND YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY • AirBnB style.. • YOURSTARTUP style.. The classic kickass case: Vie or Via Utilize the strength of a bigger player to grow your position http://www.gettingmoreawesome.com/2010/11/24/airbnb-leverages-craigslist-in-a-really-cool-way/

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What’s your EXIT strategy? Retain your leaving users or even Convert a leaving customer to potential customers

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Uninstalling your software/app Translation Is it time to say goodbye? Meeting you was the happiest thing in my life. I can’t promise giving you the best, but I will try my best. Please stay with me, okay? I’m done, let’s break up Learn More The girl smiles when you hover over ‘Learn More’ (Understanding a little more). Kinda CREEPY! I’m not sure if this works fine out of Asia. You may apply this trick on your website (using Exit-Intent Technology), email marketing (hey, you’ve not visited us for months, we need to talk!)

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Please don’t leave me, I can change! • • Repair Uninstall Please take good care of yourself ok! • • Repair Uninstall I would prefer an option to slap her and tell her “Be tough! Girl! You’ll meet a better guy!”.

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So, Digital Marketing works only in the Digital Space? online

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Offline + Online Offline advertising at train station Tracking offline campaign performance. We use similar way to track the effectiveness of sponsorship campaign in universities. Although our main objective is not to gain conversion, it is always good to know ‘what’s going on’.

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The LEAN way • • • • BUILD MEASURE (Quantitative/Qualitative Data) LEARN (REPEAT) Start Your Experiment Today

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QUESTION to ASK YOURSELF: • Do you have a growth hacker? • What is your growth hacking strategy? • Does your existing plan or future planning contribute to GROWTH? So, Growth Hacking sounds great.. How do I start? HIRE a good growth hacker.. (provided you can afford one, a real expert can be very expensive) or..

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Forget about option 1, what about do it yourself? • Nurture a guy from your team to be growth hacker, or a growth-focused guy. • Your next growth hacker could be your existing SEO guy, Analytic guy, Marketer, etc.. • Give him/her the authority to conduct experiments..

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LAST CHOICE.. • LEARN and DO IT YOURSELF.. Through: • 1 Reading (I will attach some useful links..) • 2 EXPERIMENT is a MUST

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Some Learning Resources If you only have to read THREE: • Socialmediaexaminer.com (Social Media) • Moz.com (SEO / Inbound Marketing) • Quicksprout.com (Internet Marketing) Others: • Hubspot.com (Inbound Marketing) • Blog.bufferapp.com (Social Media) • Hiten.com (B2B/SaaS focused) • Growthhackers.com (GrowthHack community) • GoodUi.org (Quick UX Tips , A/B testing) These few are just my personal favourites. There are plenty out there!

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Does reading makes me a better growth hacker? • NO. Reading is great, I wouldn’t know all these STUFF if I didn’t start from reading.. • But it didn’t make me a great growth hacker. It is so different when you have to do it.. • Learn by doing (Experimenting) works fine..

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IMPORTANT NOTES • What you read today, might not be valid tomorrow. This is the ‘BEAUTY’ of the digital space. • Check the date of the article that you read! There are many great resources out there for you to learn. Make sure you check whether they are still relevant or useful. • Many tend to follow advice from other part of the world (Asia learn from the West: expert in U.S.). They usually serve as great reference, but keep in mind that regional or cultural differences matter a lot. That’s why you need to test it out with the right people. I used to spend long time to add Google Authorship to blog content, I followed the steps accordingly and spent time researching on remedies. Later I found out that Google no longer support that. DO NOT REPEAT MY MISTAKE. If you sense

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My #GROWTHHACKING Idols • Dave Mclure -> Attended echelon 2013 by e27, fascinated by his talk, heavily influenced me to get into startup (& growth hacking) • Neil Partel -> abt 2 years ago, read about him from socialmediaexaminer (bible for social media marketing), converted to his quicksprout blog (bible for internet marketing) • Mattan Griffel -> Knew this guy when I was exploring RubyOnRails, his practical growth-hacking tactics are awesome (check out his slideshare!) • Juan Martitegui -> attended his talk @Mindvalley, his talk challenged me to un/re-learn what I’ve learned about ‘growth hacking’.

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MY FAVOURITE MANAGEMENT IDOL OF ALL TIME • Focused on Service Experience • Data-Backed (yet Human-Centered) Decision Making for Fashion Tadashi Yanai, Founder & President, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo)

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Now, unlearn what’ve you seen so far.. It seems like all these ‘hacking’ stuff sound pretty cool and scalable. You may, however.. DO THINGS THAT DON’T SCALE! (the not-so-cool sometimes work just fine) http://paulgraham.com/ds.html Be Hardworking, you’ll be surprised with the result (user feedback, improved experience etc.)

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RECAP Digital Marketing / Growth Hacking: • You’re able to measure your Marketing ROI accurately now. • It provides incentives for you to experiment with UX and Data to achieve Growth. • If you don’t do it, others will (still) do it. • Focus on both quantitative (analytics) and qualitative (user) data. You need to get answer for both How & Why. • It’s not easy to measure or test correctly (both quantitative or qualitative).

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LAST WORDS • Growth Hacking is an entrepreneurial activity.. It involves risks, but could bring massive rewards if done in the right way.. Don’t touch it if you don’t believe in Experiments.. Like UX Design, there is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ITALL solutions.. You’ve to test it out to find out the best ways..

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Be Startup, Don’t STUCK UP Be data-informed, Not data-driven. Growth Hacking Through UX 大胆假设,细心求证 Make hypothesis, gain insight via experiments.

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