The Ultimate Pop Culturalist's Guide to Digital Marketing

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16: 34 100% The Ultimate Pop Culturalist's Guide to Digital Marketing: What is, like, totally IN for 2016. Liked Save Message More Jeff Bullas, social and content rockstar, wrote a killer blog entitled The 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 That Could Destroy Your Business. We like the trends so much, we decided to have some fun with them. Read on to find out what Jon Snow, Amy Schumer and House of Cards have to do with digital marketing. 500 316 likes were here Invite Friends to Like This Page Reporting ROI to the C-Suite 2 minutes ago In true Bieber style, get serious, focus on All That Matters. Move beyond vanity metrics like traffic, likes and shares to the real crux of the matter - ROI. Justin Bieber scores sixth no. 1 album on billboard 200 chart with 'Purpose' billboard.com Like Comment Share 1.5M people like this. Adopting an ‘investment mindset’ to digital assets 5 minutes ago Digital content assets are the #K-Pop of the marketing world: cumulative, enduring and will draw in a crowd. What will your assets be worth next year? Louis Vuitton to invest $80 million in K-Pop culture factory YG entertainment billboard.com Like Comment Share 220 people like this. Taking a global approach 9 minutes ago Communications are reaching global audiences in record time. So why not sell products to global audiences too? Turn your trending topics into global sales in 2016. TRENDING TOPICS + #mileyandliam 1056 #sarahpalin 845 #tastethefeeling 250 #nationalpopcornday 150 #wonderwoman 80 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: why they will be married by the end of the year eonline.com Like Comment Share 894 people like this. Turning to crowd-sourced content 11 minutes ago Get users engaged, inspired and involved enough to create content for you. Figure out the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for your brand. Hugh Jackman gets soggy in his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fortune.com Like Comment Share 1033 people like this. Measure the right metrics and demonstrate value 14 minutes ago Become a Targaryen of the marketing world and know your stuff. Find out what to measure and how to use both data and tech. Or your career could take a cold, Jon Snow turn for the worse. Why Jon Snow knows nothing about his future fanmadetheories.com Like Comment Share 4.3M people like this. Email is here to stay 18 minutes ago If you think email is so #1989, shake it off now. It’s still the best and cheapest form of communication at your fingertips. What do email and Taylor Swift have in common? huffingtonpost.com Like Comment Share 99 people like this. Getting Personal 21 minutes ago Get personal, Amy Schumer style. There’s a lot to like about winning the fan game with relevance. Look into marketing automation with easy personalisation functionality (e.g. HubSpot) - if you haven’t already. Amy Schumer pokes fun at her nude photo shoot entertainmentlife.com Like Comment Share 2.2M people like this. Use data, not intuition to make your decisions 23 minutes ago Data science is driving the best product and marketing decisions - including what we see on TV. Use data to tailor your content or risk losing your house race. 'House of Cards,' using big data to guarantee its popularity nytimes.com Like Comment Share 884 people like this. Primary screen mobile marketing 26 minutes ago Channel your inner #Martian: if you want to survive, get mobile first, and then find a way to communicate with the earth. The Martian: getting the science right for survival’s sake scienceplay.com Like Comment Share 303 people like this. Using marketing automation and CRM wisely 28 minutes ago Like Leonardo at the Oscars, you don’t want to be forever playing catch-up. (This is your year buddy, we feel it!). Get them and learn how to use them now. Oscars 2016: It looks like it’s finally Leonardo DiCaprio’s year independent.co.uk Like Comment Share 589 people like this. Social media is now pay-to-play 34 minutes ago Welcome to the end-game of social channels. If you want visibility now, you need to pay for it. Pay to play: test and measure your spend to see which platform delivers the best ROI. Then ramp it up, before everyone else gets in on it too. Your move, Mr Bond roidaily.com Like Comment Share 962 people like this. Influencer marketing goes commercial 35 minutes ago From Kim K to Kanye - influencer marketing is THE best way for brands to reach global audiences. It is now a ‘bought’ media strategy as companies pay for endorsement and reach. #showthemthemoney @kimkardashian #marcjacobs Kim Kardashian: the queen of endorsements wetpaint.com Like Comment Share 303 people like this. Get Virtual 41 minutes ago Tron-esque virtual reality is here with gusto. Use virtual reality in your communications to get the undivided attention of your participants. #themagicofimmersion Tron 2.0: the future of virtual reality is now vrnow.com Like Comment Share 427 people like this. Wear it and use it 43 minutes ago If Taylor Swift can get her show fans dancing on-cue using only LED light-bracelets, what could you get your fans, customers or followers to do? TIME Taylor Swift fans become part of the show with LED wristbands smartbrief.com Like Comment Share 1.8M people like this. Creating mobile apps 48 minutes ago Awaken your force with a release that is bigger and better than earlier versions. Lower dev costs mean that you can build it cheaper with greater insight into what works. #secondmoveradvantage ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens to become biggest film in USA history weupit.com Like Comment Share 303 people like this. Want to become the Targaryen of the marketing world? 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