The State of the Connected Patient in 2015

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Salesforce conducted its 2015 State of the Connected Patient research To explore how Americans today manage their health and communicate with providers.

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Key Findings:

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86% of patients are generally satisfied with their care 60% of millennials support the use of telehealth options 71% of millennials would like their doctor to use a mobile app

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How Patients Currently Connect with Providers:

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How do you review your health data from your doctor? 40% In Person 21% The Web Phone 11% Email 10% How do you currently keep track of your health data? 40% Rely on Doctor 62% 21% 36% Electronic Records Physical Record Believe no one keeps track of health data 28% 11% 9% How do you currently get test results from your doctor? In Person 44% 35% By Phone The Web Traditional Mail Email 17% 15% 12%

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What does the future of health look like:

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How interested are millennials in using the following technologies in their health experience? 73% 73% 71% 63% 61% Mobile Devices Mobile Apps Wearables 3D Printing 60% 57% Telehealth Cutting Edge Devices

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What criteria do millennials value when selecting a doctor? Online Reviews from Other Patients Ability to Book Appointments and Pay Bills Online

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Want to learn even more about the trends shaping the healthcare industry? Download the full report.

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