English Holidays and Traditions

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English Holidays and Traditions

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Every country has its traditions. In England traditions are a very important part of British life.

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Traditions London has preserved its old traditions to a greater extent than any other city in England. Most of these traditions have been kept up without interruption since the thirteenth century.

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What is a Tradition? Tradition is the passing down of the beliefs, practices and customs of the past to the present. In Britain traditions are very important way of defining who people are.

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Britain is a country governed by routine. It has fewer public holidays than any other country in Europe. British Holidays

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History The word “Easter” comes from the Anglo-Saxon “Eostre”, which is the name of the Goddess of Spring and Dawn. Easter is a major holiday in the Christmas world because on this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

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Easter Easter is a church holiday. Easter marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

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Easter comes on Sunday between March and April. Just before Easter the schools and colleges usually close. The students have a week or ten days of spring vacation.

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Easter At Easter people buy new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday. There is a popular belief that wearing three new things on Easter will bring good luck in the year. After church services many people like to take walks down the streets in their new Easter hats and suits.

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This colorful procession of people dressed in bright new spring clothes is called the “Easter Parade”.

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Another custom is decorating eggs for children. Eggs are the symbol of new life.

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In many parts of the country, eggs are hidden in the yards and the children have to find them. Little children believe the Easter rabbit comes and leaves the eggs for them. That's why Easter candy is made in the form of eggs, little chickens and rabbits.

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An old English custom is to roll hard-boiled eggs down a hill. The last egg to break brings good luck to the one who has rolled it”.

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