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Sports People have always admired sport. Some people like the quiet, while others prefer active sports. They love competition. Regular exercise, such as charging, maintain the health of the people.

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Swimming Swimming is a sport that strengthens all the muscles of the human body.

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Archery Sports can be practiced in different ways. Some species, such as archery, are alone.

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Tennis In other sports, such as tennis, play a pair or four together.

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Football Team sports such as soccer, teach people to act together, to score a goal.

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Sport for fun and sports for the sake of money. A person who plays sports for fun only, is referred to as an amateur. A person who is paid money for participating in the competition and who earns his living sport, called professional.

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Which sports are the most popular? This is football. Football is played all over the world. It originated in England in the middle ages, when people in the villages were playing in the streets, and now im addicted to millions of people.

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Run hero The marathon is an event in the 42 km 195 m Above the marathon distance ran through the ancient Greek soldier in 490 BC, he ran to announce victory over the Persians, dobezav, died from exhaustion.

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The first Olympic Games The ancient Greeks held athletic games held every four years. Women were not allowed to take part in them, but even watching the competitions. Sports such as men's discus throw and Javelin, came from ancient times.

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The modern Olympic Games The Olympic Games are held every four years in different countries. These are amateur athletes from all over the world. The Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the games delivered by runners from Athens in Greece. It burns until the last game. Nowadays, athletes-men and women-are competing in more than twenty sports. Millions of people watching the game on television. Each winner receives a gold medal, who became the second, silver, bronze.

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Wrestling More than 5000 years ago men were preparing for battle, such sports as wrestling.

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Hang Gliding Thanks to the development of technology and new sports such as hang-gliding.

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Car racing The first automobile race held between Paris and Ruan in France in 1894.

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Horse competitions In some sports, such as horse races with obstacles, compete and people and horses.

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